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At BASH, our instructors are former and current professional players, college stars and area coaches with years of experience.

They all have a love, a passion and a respect for the game that they share with their students while they teach mechanics and fundamentals.

It is our privilege to be allowed to teach your child. And we do not take that privilege lightly. We teach skills, but we also teach the game itself. Understanding and respect for the game is essential to being successful at playing it.

Every child has his or her own ceiling.  And at very young ages, it’s way too early to know what that ceiling is. We want to give every player the chance to reach their ultimate potential. That means that, no matter what age or skill level your young player is, he will get our full attention and care each time he comes to learn.


Fastpitch Softball Training at BASH

Our Bash Softball Instructors are women, because we believe that girls should have their own role models in their own sports. Our teaching philosophy is simple: Evaluate, Plan, Instruct and Communicate. For us, it’s all about the relationship forged between the student and the teacher that lets the player trust their coach enough to buy into what she is teaching.


A BASH membership gives you an additional discount off of these prices. 

Package Half-Hour
Single Lesson $46.00
6-Pack $254.00
Package Full Hour (per student)
2 Player Lesson $54.00
3 Player Lesson $36.00
4 Player Lesson $27.00



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